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Sparkle Of The Week! New Weekly Jewelry Gift Ideas

Sparkle Of The Week! New Weekly Jewelry Gift Ideas

rudyblujewelrysparkleoftheweekthecrabcrackerLiving on Camano Island in Washington for the last year has been a dream come true. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still close enough to get to if I want. It is an active and close knit community. I have never seen so much support for one another to make the island and surrounding county a wonderful place to live. One favorite thing of the locals and weekend and summer residents is a small printed bi-monthly publication called The Crab Cracker.

The Crab Cracker is the local "What's Happenning" source for the area. A free community magazine featuring calendar of events, community news, announcements, tide tables (We are on an island afterall), feature stories, recipes, kid activity pages, and more. You find it in every store, post office, bank, you name it. I mean it when I say that EVERYONE READS IT! From cover to cover.

My friend who owns a real estate company on the island has a monopoly of the back cover of each issue. People look forward to her ads. So did I. Advertisers hold on to their spots in this publication. I noticed the inside fron cover page had all of a sudden been a couple of different advertisers so I called The Cracker and asked if I could take that full page space over permanently. Talk about perfect timing. They said yes, I said yes! Now I just needed an idea of what to use the ad space for. Every two weeks forever from now!


I was inspired by the local animal shelter who always had The Pet of The Week for adoption in each issue. Why not a jewel of the week I thought? So I created The Sparkle Of The Week! Feature one pretty piece of jewelry in a pretty, colorful photo. I was not sure how it would be received or how long it would take until people actually noticed it. Apparently people do notice it. 

Like I look forward to each issue and the regular promotions and articles, readers love to see my Sparkle Of The Week on the first page they turn of the magazine. I have heard from locals and friends they love to see the page and it brings a smile with the fun and colorful images. That is all I could ask for. 

Especially now during the Covid nightmare I decided to keep the page running. I have decided to have a Sparkle Of The Week on my website and social media accounts too. I just want to give people a bright and shiny Sparkle Of The Week in these not so sparkly times. Tune in here on my blog and my Instagram account @rudyblujewelry every Wednesday for my "Soarkle Of The Week". I hope you enjoy them.

Stay safe and healthy and let's look forward to seeing each other in person again.

Anette - RudyBlu Designer

**Check out the online version of The Crab Cracker. It is fun! 

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Wearing Jewelry During Covid 19 SIP. Yes You Should!

Wearing Jewelry During Covid 19 SIP. Yes You Should!

Days go by, weeks and now months of having to stay home. I am going a little batty. Actually, I'm going Bat Sh$T crazy. You? What day is it anyway? Although I have always worked from home in my jewelry studio attached to the house, this SIP situation is a whole new beast. Before, I'd still get out, meet with friends, family and clients, go shopping, out to dinner, have people over at our home, etc. "Normal" stuff. Now? Except for the once weekly food stocking trip I am stuck! Day in and day out I need to motivate myself to get up and look on the bright side. But I still struggle. Should I get out of my pj's or lounge wear? Should I even get out of bed? Um, yes. Yes I should. 



Anette Wachter RudyBlu Jewelry designer wearing jewelry during Covid SIP


Now more than ever I NEED to make everyday like a "normal" pre-Covid kind of day. I need to keep to a schedule, I need to wake up everyday at the same time. I need to take myself and my dogs for a long walk. I need to have a plan and a schedule for my day. And most of all I need to shower and get dressed like I am going to work. This may sound crazy but what makes me feel better is to put on something dressy or colorful, brush my hair, (put on makeup if I am really feeling fancy) and most of all put on some jewelry! Yes, jewelry. 

 Jewelry to me is a feeling of luxury no matter what it is made out of. It is inspiration. It is sentimental. It is a connection to a person, a memory, a time and a feeling. The extra touch of something sparkly that is bold or delicate makes me feel awesome. 

 I feel it through out the day on my neck, wrist or ear lobes. I touch it and it reminds me of where I got it, the story behind it or who gave it to me. Something I inherited from my mom, my wedding band or something I made that was inspired by nature. You can't go wrong by putting on jewelry of any kind. Some days I put on way too much that some would consider obnoxious. Stacks of bracelets and necklaces and big earrings too! Who cares? No one sees me right now. Just me. Oh and my husband who just chuckles. But he gets it. 

 Trust me. It feels good. Just do it.





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