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June Birthdays Love Pearls!

June Birthdays Love Pearls!


June Babies rejoice! This is the birthday month of pearls, pearls, pearls. From the classic Mrs. Bush pearl necklace to modern pearl jewelry designs just like RudyBlu creates. Pearls will never go out of style. In fact pearl jewelry has come back in fashion with a vengeance! 

Pearls range in size, color, and quality which of course affects the price. There are Fresh Water, Tahitian, Edison, Keshi, Flameball, Round, Potato, Rice, Button and many shapes to choose from. I have a great love for pearls and and try to incorporate them in my collections. Finding resources for beautiful pearls is half the excitement. Then comes the fun of placing them out in front of me and creating unique and modern jewelry. I love the simple delicate pearl pieces but I especially love to make the more statement layered and long pearl necklaces and bracelets.


Layers of color in a wrap bracelet that double duties as a choker necklace or long 60" layering pieces.


Anything goes with pearls and anyone at any age can wear them. They add elegance to your look and confidence to you. Who can say no to that?

Anette - RudyBlu Jewelry Creator 


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Age Appropriate Jewelry For Women over 40!

Age Appropriate Jewelry For Women over 40!

To me personally, age is all about confidence. So really, age appropriate is what I call confidence appropriate. What ever you like and feel beautiful in is appropriate. Thank goodness we are in a time when age is becoming a non-issue. And thank goodness there is RudyBlu that makes appropriate jewelry for YOU to feel beautiful. 

Beautiful silver haired woman wearing rudyblu leather and steel wrap necklace

Society now dictates that no matter the body size and age of women, they are celebrated and embellished, not hidden and shamed. Search all of the gorgeous Instagram female Influencers out there with silver hair. Each has a loyal following of several hundred thousand people if not a million or more. Perhaps that is why I got an extra boost of creativity and excitement starting the RudyBlu jewelry brand at the age of 52.

rudyblu designer wearing labradorite pendant leather choker necklace with red tank top

I love big and bold jewelry. I design adventurous statement jewelry that stands out. Is it age appropriate for a woman over 40 and 50? Heck yes! It's what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Do you feel your best in cowboy boots and jeans or a dress and heels? For me it depends on the day or event, not my age. 

My age does not dictate my style. Nor should yours. Don't be age appropriate. Be confident appropriate!

"Youthfulness is how you live not when you were born." Karl Lagerfeld


RudyBlu Instigator 


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