What She Said....

rudyblu designer anette with two blue american staffordshire terriers rudy and blue

I am Anette Wachter, owner and designer behind RudyBlu. My mission in my life is to have fun, be generous, be kind, to love and to Be Beautiful. I don't say "Be Beautiful" in a vain way. I mean that I want to be strong and confident, believe in myself and feel beautiful and bad ass everyday! Sometimes life throws things at you where you don't feel good at all let alone beautiful. But if I look in the mirror anyway and say it to myself, "You are beautiful. You are amazing.", I can face those difficult days with more strength. Designing and creating jewelry gives me that strength and rush.

I create pieces that I love to wear and that make me feel amazing no matter my mood. That is why I have a variety of collections from cool leather and steel to precious and pretty gemstones and metals. Some days I want to be on-trend and cool and some days I want a bit more sparkle. I believe we all have that variety of emotions. My wish is for you to be beautiful every day as well! 

The blog here is another outlet for me to chat about things that pop in to my head. Not everything will be related to jewelry. Why should it? Life is about so much more. But I want to have fun so my posts are a mixture of ideas, events and people. And of course all things beautiful.