Beautiful Unique Jewelry Packaging That Is Also Reusable

Beautiful Unique Jewelry Packaging That Is Also Reusable

I love really fun and unique packaging. Even more so when it is reusable. I understand that you are supposed to be excited about the product you bought. But when that coveted item shows up in fabulous and creative packaging then it is even more exciting! And Unboxing is a thing!

I spent last year during lockdown researching jewelry boxes and packaging. I wanted to have a jewelry box that our customer would be shocked at how cool it was. Recyclable packaging is nice but it still usually is thrown away in the recycle bin never to be seen again. I wanted something my customers could and wanted to keep and reuse for anything they wanted. Well, the idea came at once as I was grabbing a mint out of a tin box.

How about a big tin box with beautiful art work that someone wants to keep on top of their dresser or shelf? That can be used to store the piece of jewelry they bought from RudyBlu and more! Voila!


RudyBlu jewelry packaging jewelry box gift box unboxing

Presenting our 8" x 8" square x 2" deep gorgeous and reusable tin jewelry box. Inside is a suede jewelry pouch holding your jewelry, a thank you post card and a sweet little surprise gift. Any order over $200 from the RudyBlu on-line store includes our jewelry box and packaging. 


You are welcome!!

Anette - RudyBlu Designer & Creator

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