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The RudyBlu Story

Anette Wachter and Blue RudyBlu Jewelry Designer

“I love to create jewelry for the unique and awesome! Life is short. BE KIND, have fun and most of all, wear awesome jewelry." – Anette Wachter

  RudyBlu Jewelry is a luxury fashion and fine jewelry collection by designer Anette Wachter. Anette grew up in the bold and beautiful Pacific NW in an entrepreneurial textile family. She was surrounded by the beautiful colors and textures of fabrics. But it was the textures and colors of metals and gems that attracted her to jewelry and fueled her passion. Finally unable to resist the calling, Anette started RudyBlu jewelry in her early 50's proving it is never too late to follow your dreams.  

 Bold, sassy, adventurous and a little bit of Rock-n-Roll describes the RudyBlu jewelry style. Custom designed beads and findings made of sterling silver, gold and stainless steel are combined with colorful gemstones, diamonds and unique pearls, Anette creates custom treasures of fine and luxury fashion jewelry that stand out just like her clients.  

Inspiration of her Collections come from loved ones and family members.  

 *The Screaming Pearl Collection reflects Anette’s paternal grandmother’s crazy and colorful costume jewelry she wore.  

 *The RB Steel Bead Collection is inspired by her fiancé Rob who wears a sentimental steel bead bracelet he made while working overseas. We turn our own 303 stainless steel beads on a lathe leaving the tooling marks for a beautiful texture and warmth.  

 *The Fine Jewelry Collection designs are based off of Anette’s late mother’s original wedding ring. Years ago her mom accidentally dropped the ring down the disposal as it was running and it was mangled in to pieces! Anette was able to salvage the pieces and design molds from it that represent the gorgeous Maria Collection.

  Anette lives and designs on one of the beautiful islands north of Seattle with her fiancé and two adorable Blue Nose Terriers Rudy and Blue. (RudyBlu – see what she did there?)

Fun fact about Anette is that she is a member of the United States National Rifle Team!


 A portion of all sales are donated to SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) and to The NW Parkinson's Foundation - 360-797-5343

Mailing address - RudyBlu - 26910 92nd Ave. NW, C5 - PMB 416 Stanwood, WA 98292