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The RudyBlu Story

Anette Wachter RudyBlu Jewelry Designer RudyBlu Jewelry is for the unique and awesome.You are ageless. You are confident. You are beautiful!

I am Anette Wachter, founder and designer behind RudyBlu jewelry. My mission is to bring beauty and a feeling of empowerment to those that wear my jewelry. It is unique and bold just like you. I want you to love wearing RudyBlu jewelry as much as I love creating it.

I grew up in the bold Pacific NW in an entrepreneurial textile family surrounded by the beautiful colors and textures of fabrics. But it was the textures and colors of metals and gems that fueled my passion.

I had two sources of inspiration that led me to start this creative adventure. The first inspiration was from my sweet heart Rob. When we met he wore a bracelet made with textured stainless steel beads. He had the beads custom made and each bead on his bracelet represented someone in his life that had passed away. These beads carried many memories. I asked him if I could make a line of jewelry with the beads if we could make them ourselves. He said yes and has been creating many of the steel pieces with me.

I also had inspiration from my mother and grandmother who were both beautiful and strong women. They had a unique collection of jewelry the likes of which I have never seen. I inherited several pieces and have always wanted to design a collection influenced by them. (This fine jewelry collection will be coming out early 2020)

Finally unable to resist the calling, I started RudyBlu jewelry in my early 50's. Never too late to start and pursue your passion!

Everything is handmade - the sterling silver and gold vermeil clasps, beads and pendants, custom cut gemstones and the signature RudyBlu Stainless Steel Beads. The stainless steel beads are turned on a lathe and the tooling marks are purposely left on to give the beads texture and warmth. Everything is then brought together with stunning pearls and gemstones creating a jewelry line that is outgoing and luxurious. 

A portion of all sales are donated to SOWW (special Operations Wounded Warriors) and The NW Parkinson's Foundation

Anette Wachter - RudyBlu Founder & Designer.

Our Email and Phone number is 360-797-5343


Anette and her furry friends Rudy and Blue - 

Anette Wachter and her furry pals Rudy and Blue