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Our Story

About RudyBlu Jewelry

rudyblu stainless steel beads and jewelry
It all started with a bead.. A few years ago I went through some big events in my life that left me feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I was 49 at the time and I felt like I was starting over from scratch. I was seeking inspiration and confidence in all parts of my life. Cue in a wonderful man that appeared before my eyes ready or not. No, he was not the rescuing Prince that was saving the helpless Princess. I was far from helpless. But he was that inspiration. He had an outlook on life that opened my eyes.

He wore a bracelet every day that he made with hand-made textured stainless steel beads. Each bead represented someone close to him that had lost their life. My initial instinct was to feel bad for him. But wearing it was not meant to grieve for these people but to celebrate them and the life they led. It was to remind him how important each day was that he had on this earth, that age does not matter and you just live life the best that you can. The weight, texture and unique look of the beads were a statement to this mission.
rudyblu steel and leather bracelet

These stainless steel beads had a warmth to them. The beads were turned on a CNC machine and the tooling marks were purposely left on and not polished out. He had a few extra beads and made me a bracelet to wear. It was to remind me to live life to the fullest, have courage and confidence no matter my age or stage in life. This inspired us to manufacture the beads and create a line of custom jewelry that others could experience in the same way. This was the start of RudyBlu.

 We started with just personalized bracelets, and now incorporate our beads in to most all of our collections of stunning necklaces, chokers, bracelets and earrings. I design all of the RudyBlu sterling silver findings, signature box clasps, spacer beads and pendants. We combine everything with stunning pearls and gemstones creating a statement luxury jewelry line. Our mission is to bring beauty and a feeling of empowerment to those that wear it.

I love wearing my RB jewelry every day. It inspires me to be ageless and fearless. I know it will for you too.

Anette Wachter - RudyBlu Founder & Designer
rudyblu jewelry logo
RudyBlu Designer Anette Wachter