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“I love to create bold, statement jewelry for the fearless and adventurous person! Life is short. Be kind, have fun and most of all, wear awesome jewelry." – Anette Wachter

Anette Wachter RudyBlu Jewelry Designer

RudyBlu jewelry designer Anette Wachter creates one of a kind statement treasures meant to be worn for any occasion. She believes life is short and precious and that we all need more joy, laughter, risk taking and a lot of sass.

Jewelry inspired by real life! The real life that includes adventure, nature, colors, textures and most of all, having fun.

The Story

It all started with a bead. A stainless steel bead. 

Anette's fiancé wore a bracelet when they met with textured steel beads on leather. He had the beads custom made and the tooling marks left on them gave them texture and warmth. There was a nice weight to them. Each bead represented a life lost of someone close to him. The beads were meant to remember and celebrate those lives, not mourn them. 

Inspired, Anette wanted to make a line of bracelets to sell and donate money to his charity called SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors). After a lot of searching they finally found a local machine shop with a lathe to make these beads. From bracelets to now an entire jewelry line combining semi-precious gems, pearls and metals, the RudyBlu jewelry company was created.

About The Designer 

Anette grew up in the gorgeous and rugged Pacific NW in an entrepreneurial textile family. She was surrounded by the beautiful colors and textures of fabrics. But it was the textures and colors of metals and gems that attracted her to jewelry and fueled her passion. Finally unable to resist the calling, Anette started RudyBlu jewelry in her early 50's proving it is never too late to follow your dreams! 

 The RudyBlu working studio is located on one of the beautiful islands north of Seattle with a gorgeous view across the bay. Supported unconditionally by her two pooches Rudy and Blue, (RudyBlu Jewelry– see what she did there?) and her Buckskin quarter horse Dakota.

A Fun Fact about Anette!

She has been a member of The United States Long Range Rifle Team and has several US National and International Championships and national records. 



Anette Wachter Rudyblu Jewelry Designer

anette wachter 30calgal rudyblu jewelry designer and dakota buckskin horse



Every order over $200 receives our gorgeous tin jewelry box. Use it as jewelry storage or anything your heart desires. You will want to display this on top of your dresser. It is fabulous! 

rudyblu jewelry tin gift jewelry box Unique jewelry packaging



 "I have always believed in putting my dreams and visions out there in the universe and to God by writing it down for myself and the world to see."

"I want to support these two organizations that are close to my heart - SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) and to The NW Parkinson's Foundation by donating a portion of my sales. I plan to hire and train local military spouses in making jewelry. With your support and telling two friends about RudyBlu jewelry this can take place. Thank you for helping my vision and possibly someone else's dreams come true." - 360-797-5343

Mailing address - RudyBlu - 26910 92nd Ave. NW, C5 - PMB 416 Stanwood, WA 98292