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The RudyBlu Story

Anette Wachter RudyBlu Jewelry Designer

RudyBlu founder and designer Anette Wachter is a native of the bold Pacific NW. Growing up in an entrepreneurial textile family she was surrounded by the beautiful colors and textures of fabrics. But it was the textures and colors of metals and gems that attracted her to jewelry and fueled her passion. Finally unable to resist the calling, Anette started RudyBlu jewelry in her early 50's.

The stainless steel ball bead collections are inspired from her fiance who wore a bracelet made with amazing textured stainless steel beads. People have likened them to real and Navajo pearls. He up-cycled steel balls used for industrial purposes and made them in to beads for a bracelet. Each bead represented someone in his life that had passed away. These beads represented memories and testaments to great people he knew. Together he and Anette agreed to continue making the steel ball beads and create a line of jewelry. 

The stainless steel beads are turned on a lathe and the tooling marks are purposely left on to give the beads texture and warmth. All of the sterling silver beads, pendants and components are exclusive RudyBlu designs. Everything is brought together with stunning pearls, colorful custom cut gemstones and leather creating a jewelry line that is bold, luxurious and fun. And for fun to shake things up, Anette loves to try new ideas and you will find these creations in the One Of A Kind Collections.

Coming out early 2020 is a fine jewelry collection inspired by vintage jewelry Anette inherited from her mother and grandmother who were both beautiful and strong women.  

What Anette Says..... - "Life is precious. Live it up. Be adventurous. BE NICE! Have fun. Wear cool jewelry."

A portion of all sales are donated to SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) and to The NW Parkinson's Foundation - 360-797-5343