Jewelry That Gives Back - Why We Do What We Do

Jewelry That Gives Back - Why We Do What We Do

I have two dreams. That all of our military vets and wounded warriors get the mental and physical attention they need to carry out a normal (as normal as possible) life and that the stress of finances and mental health can go away. And, that the Parkinson's disease will be eliminated. 

Special Operations Wounded Warriors foundation and rudyblu jewelryparkinson's foundation support group and rudyblu jewelry

 My initial passion for starting RudyBlu Jewelry was to support two charities that are close to my heart. Perhaps that is the opposite of how you are supposed to start a business but so be it. The two organizations I try to support through sales of our jewelry are SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) and The NW Parkinson's Foundation.    These are two issues that hit close to home for me.

One, The NW Parkinson's Foundation, in memory of my dad who passed away from Parkinson's and one of my dear friends who is battling the disease now. It is a crippling degenerative disease and I wish there will be a cure in my life time.  

Two, SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) an organization that offers support in so many ways to the men that come home with many physical and mental complications. And in memory of one of SOWW's founders who passed away recently from medical issues that could have been prevented had the VA system not strung him along for care.

For every purchase made with RudyBlu a portion is donated to both organizations. 

Below are handmade leather & stainless steel bracelets made specifically for these charities. Awesome uni-sex bracelets engraved with SOWW logo, US Flag or Plain. Pass it along! Great gift idea that you can tell a story with.

Women's leather beaded bracelets for charity rudyblu jewelrymen's leather and steel bead bracelet for charity rudyblu jewelry

My dream is to say I was able to donate over a million dollars to each organization each year. Hey, a girl can dream right?

Thank you.

Anette Wachter - RB Founder and Jewelry Designer




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