Matthew Barney Film Redoubt Stars RudyBlu Jewelry Designer Anette Wachter

Matthew Barney Film Redoubt Stars RudyBlu Jewelry Designer Anette Wachter

Fun Fact! - I, RudyBlu designer Anette Wachter played Diana in the new Matthew Barney film released two weeks ago at the Yale University Museum. 

dianacopperstchingmatthewbarneyanettewachterThe world premier and opening of Matthew Barney's Redoubt was held March 1st at his alma mater Yale University. Along with the film, "the exhibition features pieces in other media that demonstrate casting and electroplating techniques developed by Barney for Redoubt. Four large-scale sculptures were made from the trunks of burned trees harvested by the artist from the Sawtooth Mountains. Also included are engravings on copper plate created during the filming of Redoubt as well as a series of electroplated copper reliefs that depict imagery from the film. Redoubt loosely adapts the myth of Diana, goddess of the hunt, and Actaeon, a hunter who trespasses on her and is punished. Like most of Barney’s previous films, Redoubt contains no dialogue; instead, the characters communicate through choreography that echoes and foreshadows their encounters with wildlife." (from Yale Art Blog) (article by Why would Matthew have cast me as the role of Diana? Because he was searching for a real life female marksman and that was me!

As well as being a jewelry designer I have been competing in long range rifle competition for over ten years. I am a member of The US Rifle Team. You can view my blog 30CalGal for more details on that part of my life. Early 2016 Matthew's associate Mamie contacted me out of the blue about the role of Diana. I was very interested of course but we needed to meet each other in person to see if this was the right fit. Matthew flew out to Seattle and we all met at my local shooting club and then had lunch. We worked out details of my role and I shot some practice copper plates on edge for him to prove I can actually hit the target. Next thing I know we were off to Stanley, Idaho that December.

Rob and I packed up with our dog and drove from WA to Stanley and spent the next two and a half weeks filming. We went back again in March of 2017 for another 2 weeks. We experienced a record snowfall and below zero temps but that area of the Sawtooth Mountains was stunning. We traveled back and forth between Stanley and Challis and spent our days in remote mountain areas transported around by snowmobiles. The cast (myself, Eleanor Bauer, Laura Stokes and Matthew Barney) and crew spent long days together and had an amazing experience. The Mountain Village resort in Stanley that we stayed had an enclosed hot spring down at the river. We got all bundled up and snowshoed down to the pool late at night after working. The Inns and restaurants of Stanley and Challis took good care of our crew. With the help of Travis and Brenda of Mile High Outfitters we were guided through the mountains and terrain of the area able to view all of the abundant wildlife. Brenda made home cooked meals for us three times a day for our hungry and cold crew. The Mountain Village Resort kept their restaurant and bar open even during this slow time of year for us. This experience is something I will never forget and I was so thrilled with finally seeing the film and gallery of art for the first time at the University.


For two years another behind the scenes crew put together the entire exhibit. Coming to Yale for the premier allowed me the opportunity to meet Katharine McQuerrey the editor, music composer Jonathan Bepier, Pamela Franks with the museum and all of the talented people behind the scenes that made this possible and beautiful. The exhibit opened to the public on the 1st of March. The day before we had a private showing and lunch and dinner party for cast and crew and invited guests of Matthew. Hard to believe two years has gone by since the filming. I loved the film. It was beautiful and I am happy with my performance. Apparently everyone else was too! Thank you! And of course the sculptures and copper etchings in the gallery are really cool. We had a wonderful time seeing everyone again and then meeting the other amazing artists that did all of the post production work. I can't thank Matthew and his team enough for this incredible experience. Please view the trailer of Redoubt below!

The exhibit will be at the Yale University Art Gallery through June 16, 2019. Then to UCCA, Beijing September 28 - December 15 2019 and then Hayward Gallery, London March 4 - May 10, 2020. 

 *All photos are courtesy of Matthew Barney,  Courtesy of Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels.

Anette Wachter

Matthew Barney: REDOUBT trailer from Christopher Seguine on Vimeo.

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