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Sparkle Of The Week! Healing Olive Jade

rudyblu jewelry olive jade beaded ultra long necklace

What I love most about creating jewelry is finding gems or beads in small batches. One of a kind gems to make one or a couple of fabulous pieces that no one else will have. Well here I have some gorgeous olive jade beads I found many years ago and finally did something with them. 

olive jade beaded ultra long necklace rudyblu jewelry

A 60" olive jade beaded long necklace.  Did you know that the soothing energy from jade relieves irritability while helping to eliminate negativity? I suppose the only good thing about this COVID time is that I am able to use my time going through stock and making new and one of a kind pieces. With these olive jade beads I made an ultra long necklace that is about 60" and can be wrapped two or three times. I closed it with a handmade sterling silver cross box clasp. An RB Steel bead and black onyx bead are thrown in for some edge. The olive green color of these jade beads is amazing and can be worn formally or my fave is with a basic white tee. A little bit of rock n roll for you.


For the alt-brides needing something green for your alternative wedding or green wedding theme, this necklace is perfect for you too. Instead of Something Blue how about Something Green! For those of you reading this article I will offer you a special price for this beauty.


Use code OLIVEJADE20 at checkout to receive 20% off this beautiful necklace. Of course we ship for FREE and your necklace will arrive in a gift box. Are you going to be one of the very few unique and awesome women to wear one of these? I hope so!!


Anette - RB Designer




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