Yes! Pearls Are Cool Again. And Awlays Will Be!

Yes! Pearls Are Cool Again. And Awlays Will Be!


I have become obsessed with pearls in the last couple of years. Pearls in weird shapes and colors especially. Thank goodness all of the fashion houses and designers shout out that pearls are trending right now too. But really, have pearls ever really been out of fashion? 

Even the classic strand of white knotted pearls like Jackie O wore are still in style. Now we are just layering it with multiple necklaces at the same time. Or we change the color of silk knotting cord to a bright green! The odd shaped and colored pearls used to be less expensive. Now they are almost as much as the perfect rounds. They still follow the same rules of quality. Smooth in their shape and lustrous shine makes a peacock colored flameball pricey. But oh so worth it! Flameballs, baroque, dyed, keishi, coin, stars, carved and druzy, oh my! The options are becoming endless for your pearl pleasure! This is what inspired my collection called The Screaming Pearl!


The weirder the shape the better. The more abnormal the color the better. Carved in to skulls? Yep! Add some bright metals of sterling silver and gold, colorful gemstones and colorful silk knotting cords and you have a modern and awesome pearl statement. 

limegreenstarpearls carvedbaroquepearls colorfulpearljewelryrudyblujewelry


The Screaming Pearl Collection consists of mostly one of a kind (since all pearls are different in nature) pearl jewelry. Gemstone hoops with dangly baroque pearls in a variety of colors or carved patterns - big, bold and colorful pearl necklaces in short and long lengths - chunky single and multi-strand bracelets - large pearl pendant necklaces. You will find pieces being added to our collection and site daily. They are disappearring just as quickly! And that, that puts a smile on my face. I love knowing clients are enjoying pearls as much as I love creating the pieces.

Help me Make Pearls Great Again! 

Anette - RB Designer

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