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Wish List! Unique Personal Gift Ideas For Christmas 2020

Wish List! Unique Personal Gift Ideas For Christmas 2020
I love receiving gifts that have a personal touch or a story behind them. From experience, I know others like receiving gifts like this also. This year especially, I believe people are craving something with thought behind it, a story behind it or made by hand with love. A gift with a personal touch and sentiment.

I have been collecting names of vendors and artists this past year that stood out from the crowd. Especially in support of local businesses. I am all about supporting local and made in America! I was looking for items that made me feel good. I think we all need some warm and fuzzy feels this holiday season. 

 I am looking forward to cooking and baking more. Well maybe not more than during the shut down but you know what I mean. Time to hang with family and friends, go crazy with decorations, trees, and lights, eat, drink and be merry. I want some traditional Christmas and holiday nostalgia this year! Bring out the snow globes, Nutcrackers, train sets and ceramic Christmas villages, Oh My! Yep, I think I will vomit Christmas traditions all over the house this year. 

Too much? Well, to each her own. How about I share my top unique gift ideas for Christmas. My list is for adult men and women. I don't have kids so I am not going to pretend what I think they want. 

Don't forgot that the all mail carriers this year are predicting slower than normal deliveries so plan ahead!!


1 - Not Just Any Soap -
Durty Gurl Flair - Amazing handmade soaps by Teresa Bruner, a friend and fellow member of a business coaching community we are both part of. The rich smells, luxurious feel and gorgeous colors and textures make these soaps unique and the best gifts for anyone on your list.

durty gurl flair soap rudyblu jewelry christmas gift idea 2020durty gurl flair soap rudyblu jewelry christmas gift idea 2020



 2 - Something Personal

RudyBlu Initial Pearl Pendant Necklace - Of course I am going to add some of my own pieces on this list. Especially since personalized jewelry is one of the most trending items this year. Our large baroque pearl pendants have 14k gold or sterling silver initials embedded in tot he pearl. You can have diamond initials too! Allow 2-3 weeks. Made to order. 

personalized initial pearl pendant necklace rudyblu jewelry




3 - Light My Fire

Vida Verde Candles - A new brick and mortar store in Stanwood, Wa near my home is this lovely mercantile and candle shop. The owner makes the candles in house at the shop. Many are soy based and for those sensitive to smells she has a line of unscented luxury. Check out the adorable shop in person too when in the area. 

vida verde candles rudyblu jewelry christmas gift ideas 2020


4 - For Your Man

If you know a man in your life that likes to wear bracelets I bet he will love the stainless steel beaded leather bracelets we make. We turn our own steel beads on a lathe, an old screw machine, leaving the tooling marks on the beads for texture. The shackle buckle clasp is adjustable and can be plain or engraved with a US Flag or SOWW logo (Special Operations Wounded Warriors) We donate a portion of our sales to SOWW, an amazing organization. 

mens bracelet steel bead leather bracelet for men rudyblu jewelry christmas gift idea for men 2020

5 - Jewelry Clutch

One of my new fave companies out there is Franki Ray. Two best friends teamed up to create a limited line of gorgeous leather wallets, clutches, duffels, backpack and briefcases. I bought a wallet awhile back for myself and I am hooked. The best part is how much fun these two besties are having. When you see their products you will understand why. This item the Treasure Trove Jewelry Clutch is perfect for transporting your collection of RudyBlu Jewelry too. (Hint hint)

frankiray jewelry clutch rudyblu jewelry christmas gift idea 2020

6 - Living Well Planner

I love writing my goals and dreams out on a daily basis. It just makes you feel good! Try it. To make it fun and easy is the Living Well Planner. I have been using mine for two years now. The books are colorful and well thought out as a daily and monthly calendar and goal setting project. It really is hard not to feel motivated and organized with this planner. Does not matter when you start it. You make up your own calendar.

living well planner book rudyblu jewelry christmas gift ideas 2020


7 - Hearts

RudyBlu Large Heart Gemstone Necklaces - Who doesn't like hearts? These hearts are big. Carved blue opal, jasper, labradorite, rose quartz and more! Chunky sterling silver rolo chains add texture and weight to these fabulous necklaces. For the woman who loves to stand out and have fun. 

large gemstone heart necklaces rudyblu jewelry christmas gift ideas 2020

Happy Shopping!

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Let's Get Personal! Jewelry With Sentimental Value

Let's Get Personal! Jewelry With Sentimental Value

The year 2020 is a year we all would like to forget. It will go down in history as an era where the world, not just the US, has changed forever. We still do not know the full extent of the new normal. I don't know about you but I seek out fewer material things and instead I want items with the best quality and sentimental and personal value to me. Initial, name, faith and talisman fine jewelry has led the sentimental product sales this year.

Initial pearl personalized braceletlove pearl bracelet rudyblu jewelry

What is more personal than monogram jewelry? I know I wear my A letter necklace almost everyday. I have been very busy making monogram necklaces the last few months. Many orders are for moms that want to wear their kid's initials or of a loved one that has passed away. Popular inspirational word jewelry such as LOVE, BOSS or COURAGE give the wearer a feeling of comfort and confidence. 

diamond cross pearl necklace rudyblu jewelry

In this time of uncertainty a special jewelry piece that reminds us of something or someone special, including ourselves, is essential. Gifting someone close to you with a custom personalized piece is such a beautiful expression of caring. This is something they will always cherish and remember you by. 


"Life Is Short. Wear Jewelry."

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Wearing Jewelry During Covid 19 SIP. Yes You Should!

Wearing Jewelry During Covid 19 SIP. Yes You Should!

Days go by, weeks and now months of having to stay home. I am going a little batty. Actually, I'm going Bat Sh$T crazy. You? What day is it anyway? Although I have always worked from home in my jewelry studio attached to the house, this SIP situation is a whole new beast. Before, I'd still get out, meet with friends, family and clients, go shopping, out to dinner, have people over at our home, etc. "Normal" stuff. Now? Except for the once weekly food stocking trip I am stuck! Day in and day out I need to motivate myself to get up and look on the bright side. But I still struggle. Should I get out of my pj's or lounge wear? Should I even get out of bed? Um, yes. Yes I should. 



Anette Wachter RudyBlu Jewelry designer wearing jewelry during Covid SIP


Now more than ever I NEED to make everyday like a "normal" pre-Covid kind of day. I need to keep to a schedule, I need to wake up everyday at the same time. I need to take myself and my dogs for a long walk. I need to have a plan and a schedule for my day. And most of all I need to shower and get dressed like I am going to work. This may sound crazy but what makes me feel better is to put on something dressy or colorful, brush my hair, (put on makeup if I am really feeling fancy) and most of all put on some jewelry! Yes, jewelry. 

 Jewelry to me is a feeling of luxury no matter what it is made out of. It is inspiration. It is sentimental. It is a connection to a person, a memory, a time and a feeling. The extra touch of something sparkly that is bold or delicate makes me feel awesome. 

 I feel it through out the day on my neck, wrist or ear lobes. I touch it and it reminds me of where I got it, the story behind it or who gave it to me. Something I inherited from my mom, my wedding band or something I made that was inspired by nature. You can't go wrong by putting on jewelry of any kind. Some days I put on way too much that some would consider obnoxious. Stacks of bracelets and necklaces and big earrings too! Who cares? No one sees me right now. Just me. Oh and my husband who just chuckles. But he gets it. 

 Trust me. It feels good. Just do it.





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